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“Kifi’s design, and its algorithms, are designed for long-term relevance, not newsworthiness. It’s a good place to discover advice on VC fundraising, parenting tips, baking recipes, and articles on technology marketing”

Collect, organize, and share with power

Keep useful pages into libraries. Share & collaborate with colleagues.

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Capture and retain your team’s knowledge

Create, collaborate on, follow, and share libraries full of your valuable research & resources

Share and highlight what’s important

Zero-in on the section that matters while collaborating using Kifi’s contextual chat

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Integrate Your Productivity

Integrations with tools outside of Kifi such as Slack and Twitter, make it easy for team members to automatically share and contribute their resources into the team's knowledge base.

Slack, Twitter, Email
Delicious, Pocket, Diigo, Chrome, Pinboard, Instapaper, Kippt

Don't leave your knowledge behind

Import your Browser Bookmarks and links from Pocket, Diigo, Kippt, Delicious, Instapaper, and Pinboard into Kifi with just a couple clicks & make it accessible and searchable by your entire team.

What our users say...

From business to personal, Kifi has become instrumental in my day to day life.

-Remy Weinstein

Kifi changed my life!

-Logan Lynn Roberts

You should check out @Kifi. Brings you & friends bookmarks to top of search engines.


The new @kifi Libraries feature is incredible.


I definitely prefer @kifi over Google Bookmarks extension.


Kifi is amazing because it supercharged my search, connecting me to the things that my friends find useful when I need it most.

-Nadia Aly

I've stopped using Evernote so much, and now I'm hooked on @kifi


@kifi is incredible.


@kifi loving this app! Definitely recommend!