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VentureBeat's Editor in Dylan Tweney says

“If you’re looking for a refuge from the meme-soaked madness that is the Internet we’ve built, Kifi is worth a look.”

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@kifi makes good recs. 9 for 9 today. A great service - Giles De'Ath

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From business to personal, Kifi has become instrumental in my day to day life.

-Remy Weinstein

Kifi changed my life!

-Logan Lynn Roberts

You should check out @Kifi. Brings you & friends bookmarks to top of search engines.


The new @kifi Libraries feature is incredible.


I definitely prefer @kifi over Google Bookmarks extension.


Kifi is amazing because it supercharged my search, connecting me to the things that my friends find useful when I need it most.

-Nadia Aly

I've stopped using Evernote so much, and now I'm hooked on @kifi


@kifi is incredible.


@kifi loving this app! Definitely recommend!


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