About our vision, the team and what our users say

Kifi is the smartest way to collect, discover, and share knowledge, powered by personalized search and recommendations, a community of people helping people.

Our Vision:
Connecting People With Knowledge

Imagine a world where billions of people connect with the people, places and things that matter to them most, from any device… where the most important things are effortlessly organized, search is deeply personalized, and discovery is meaningful and delightful. It's a new world where knowledge is shared seamlessly and collaboratively, fuelled by people’s connections and genuine interests. At our core, we’re about people helping people, by simply helping themselves.

The pursuit of a digitally connected world has been accelerated by many of our predecessors. In recent years, there has been a massive proliferation of online tools to create and publish, but very little innovation in the space to connect you to the content most relevant to you. Other platforms have pursued the pure organization of knowledge, but our unique aim is to build upon human curation, social fabric, and machine learning to learn our interests and effectively "Connect People with Knowledge."

Our Team

Kifi has assembled a dream team of software engineers to tackle this challenge, with alumni from Google, LinkedIn, Apple, Netflix, and Oracle. Our team is solving fascinating challenges in the areas of machine learning information retrieval, artificial intelligence, large-scale data analysis, and social graphs. We are passionate about delivering true value through our products to the consumer. We’re always looking for top talent to help achieve our mission, so if you’re interested in working for a company that’s enthusiastic about innovative technology and having fun, we encourage you to get in touch!

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What our users say

"KiFi changed my life!" -Logan Lynn Roberts

"A simple reliable way to organize my internet" -Carvell Wallace

"Amazing to share ideas. Reading through the Internet to the next level." -Jean Malissard

"For once, I am able to find things I save or bookmark. It is one of my most used tools daily." -Ryan Lee

"The research tool that doesn't get in the way of the research" -Robert C. Watson

"Amazing killer-feature to include the results from your saved links to your google search." -Konstantinos Leimonis

"Keeping bookmarks is such a breeze with Kifi. I love how fast and efficient it is, and my bookmarks don't get lost, nor do I have to worry about spending an enormous amount of time organizing and tagging bookmarks later. I can do it all in one step! Love it! It's so useful!" - Rehana Khan-Tarin

"I'm a teacher, and my first class on each subject now has 'install Kifi and add instructor and class as friends' as the number 1 step. Keep up the awesome work!" -Brian Vanderbusch